Byproducts are Our Business

Welcome to Mineral Recycling, which is the culmination of a combined 60 years of Byproduct experience. offers unique opportunities for those companies looking to source recycled materials for use in industrial applications, specializing in Mill Scale and By-Products.

Attention, are you looking for information or have questions such as “What is Mill Scale?” , we have information available on our site here Mill Scale

Available Scales, Oxides and Raw Materials: Mill Scale Available

As mill Scale Suppliers, we can arrange and facilitate contracts for materials produced in the U.S. for volumes of 500 to 5000 net tons per month. Looking for Material Prices? Contact our Team for up to date quotes.

Mill scale allotment available of 30,000 mt +/_ 10%.

Pig Iron Briquettes, 90% FE+ 500-5000 tons per month.

Iron Fines produced in the U.S. FE content +70% , 3000 MT per month

Cement Companies: we have several materials suited for your industry and in large volumes.


Keep our website bookmarked and check back for updated bulk materials for sale and Joint Venture Opportunities. See recent sales.

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